CBRE Agribusiness is pleased to present for sale the Sustainable Agriculture Fund, one of Australia’s finest agricultural portfolios, comprising a total land area of 24,022* hectares, including five highly productive aggregations along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.


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North Star, new south wales

  • Five non-contiguous holdings for a total land area of 9,710* hectares, comprising 8,546* hectares (88%) of dryland cropping and 1,164* hectares of grazing and support land.
  • Located in the renowned ‘Golden Triangle’ region of Northern New South Wales between Moree and Goondiwindi, along the Newell Highway.

  • Highly productive cropping portfolio historically planted to wheat, dryland cotton, barley, chickpeas, sorghum and faba beans.

  • Well-developed structural improvements, including numerous dwellings, grain storages (3,400* tonnes of total capacity), machinery / storage sheds and other sundry structures.


  • Three non-contiguous holdings comprising a total land area of 1,445* hectares, of which 1,261* hectares are arable cropping, with the remaining 184* hectares comprising grazing and support land.
  • Located in the heart of the Western District of Victoria, one of the state’s most productive and reliable agricultural regions.

  • Highly productive and strong performing dryland cropping portfolio, historically planted to wheat, barley, canola and faba beans.

  • Improvements include a main dwelling, office, machinery / storage sheds, shearing shed and yards, grain shed, storage silos and sundry rural structures.


  • A large scale pasture-based dairy portfolio located in Northern Tasmania, comprising four properties for a combined land area of 1,145* hectares.
  • 502* hectares of centre pivot irrigation, 110* hectares of lateral and traveller irrigation, with the balance comprising dryland grazing (447* hectares) and support land.

  • Water Entitlements across the four holdings comprise a total of 2,403* megalitres. 

  • Includes 3,000* cows plus replacements and an extensive list of plant and equipment.

  • Improvements include four dairies (three 50-unit rotaries and one 40-a-side herringbone), eight dwellings, numerous calf / machinery / storage sheds and fodder storage shedding

darlington point, new south wales

  • Three non-contiguous holdings known as Huddersfield, Tubbo and Five Mile, comprising a total land area of 4,937* hectares, historically planted to cotton, maize, wheat, barley and canola.
  • 2,611* hectares of laser levelled row crop irrigation, 140* hectares of centre pivot irrigation and 121* hectares of border check irrigation, with the balance comprising dryland cropping, grazing and support land.

  • 7,561* megalitres of Lower Murrumbidgee Deep Groundwater – (Zone 1), 5,047* megalitres of Lower Murrumbidgee Deep Groundwater (Zone 3) and 3,925* megalitres of on-farm storage.

  • Improvements include four dwellings, numerous machinery / storage sheds, a weighbridge and a grain storage facility (2,500* tonnes of total capacity).


  • Large scale cattle breeding and finishing portfolio, comprising a total land area of 6,785* hectares, with 5,637* hectares (83%) arable grazing, with the balance (1,148* hectares) comprising remnant vegetation.
  • Located in a highly reliable and productive agricultural island, renowned for producing outstanding quality cattle.

  • Predominantly pasture-based portfolio with minimal supplementary feeding and an estimated total carrying capacity of 116,000 Dry Sheep Equivalents.

  • Includes 5,500* Angus cows plus progeny and associated plant and equipment.

  • Improvements include nine dwellings, numerous machinery / storage sheds and extensive cattle handling facilities.

Sale Process

The Sustainable Agriculture Fund is being offered for sale via the sale of the units in the trusts, the portfolio in one line or as separate properties by International Expression of Interest, closing Friday 16 June 2017 at 4pm AEST.

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